What if someone is sick the day of the shoot?

My goal is to photograph everyone at their best. I am here to work with you. That is what sets me apart; I am not a “hit and run” type of photographer. In case the unexpected should happen, I am happy to re-schedule your photo session, up to three times for any reason. I do appreciate 24-hour advance notice.

Do you offer packages?

Yes. In order to make ordering easier for our clients, I have put together several packages based on the most popular combinations of products my clients like to order. While the packages offer significant savings, please know that I take pride in meeting my clients' needs. You can order as much or as little as you would like. A sample of our most popular packages can be found here, which also includes a list of a-la-cart items.

Do you offer prints that are not part of a package?

Absolutely! I pride myself in offering my clients the freedom to get exactly what they want. You can buy one of my packages or create your own. I have no minimum purchase requirement. Please check my Pricing page to see find more details. 

Can I get digital negatives of my photos?

Yes. There are two ways for you to get digital negatives of your images. You can purchase my all-inclusive package (#3), which includes digital negatives. Or, you can purchase the digital negatives of your entire session for $800. 

A Word About Digital Files . . . Please keep in mind that there is great value to having your pictures printed. Research shows that a great majority of people never print their photos. This is the biggest dichotomy brought about by the digital age. Our children will be the most photograph generation that has ever existed. Yet, the great majority of those photos will NEVER be seen by future generations.  (Please see research from Professional Photographer’s Association)

I urge you to please print some of your photos so future generations can have a record of what your life in the early 21st century was like. Keep in mind that many of the formats that we currently use might be obsolete in a few short years. Hard drives fail, CDs and DVDs deteriorate immediately and might be completely unreadable in 5 years. Your descendants might stumble upon a thumb drive and not know what to do with it. As the commercial says, don’t let your kids grow up to be JPGs.
You owe it to your grandchildren and future generations!

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely!  I want to do everything I can to help you get the images you want. Let’s talk so I can explain how my payment plan works. Give me a call at 571.327.0622 or shoot me an e-mail.

Do you offer any discounts?

From time to time, and very rarely, I offer special promotions. To see my current specials, please click here.