It's About Capturing Life!

A famous photographer once said...

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like."
--David Alan Harvey

Hi! My friends call me Mac, and I hope you do to. I fell in love with photography in my early teens. I love photography because it captures a moment in time -- the essence of a person, the uniqueness of a place, a slice of time that will never exist again quite the same way.

Why It Matters

As a first generation immigrant I remember the first time my mother got to go back to her home country. Losing her home and most of her worldly possessions was not what she missed most. The loss of the family photo albums was most painful to her, and she wanted to recover as many photos as possible.

Macarena Janninck

Macarena Janninck

That historical record of who you are, how you got to to be who you are, seeing your ancestors . . . is simply irreplaceable. Whenever I see news broadcasts of people hit by devastation, hurricanes, earthquakes, or anything of the sort, recovering a photograph to them is priceless. When people have to be evacuated, among the irreplaceable possessions they first grab are their photographs and family albums. Photos are important!

My Genesis as a Photographer

While some of my friends were trying to negotiate longer curfews to go to parties, I was trying to talk my mother into letting me bike to the National Mall early enough to catch a perfect sunrise. Growing up in Northwest DC in the 80’s, pre-security concerns, was simply magical. On the steps of the Lincoln Monument, between four and five in the morning, is where I met some of my photographic mentors. Folks that inspired me and set me on the path to take pictures that matter.

Once I became a mother, my love for photography became more intense. I wanted to have pictures of my kids that captured who they were at that point in their young lives. I could not find a photographer that would slow down take a few moments to get to know my children and take photos that mattered. The fifteen minute photo shoot was just not doing it for me. It was not bringing my oldest son out of his shell, nor showing my younger son's fun-loving side.

Thus, after a career in management consulting, I began my quest to become a photographer as my second act. I enrolled at my local community college, took countless online courses, and worked with a coach.

My Style and Approach to Photography

I have evolved as a life-style photographer, capturing people in their natural setting. I don’t rush a photo shoot. I take the time to get to know each person, understand who they are, and what they want from their photos. Working collaboratively with my clients, we set the right conditions, select the setting, the outfits, set the mood, and then we just let life happen.

My goal is to create photographs that you will treasure for the rest of your life, that portrait that your grand-children and great grand-children will look at to get a glimpse of what your family life was like in the early 21st century. Is the way that they will establish and emotional connection with you.

Let's Make Beautiful Photos Together!

Let's book a time to chat. Give me a call at 571.327.0622, or send me an e-mail. Better yet, grab a spot in my calendar to chat.

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